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Video Production

We are producing a strong content of a video with many features and a very high quality including the production of the whole elements of making a video that will help you during your usage of it.

Branding services

A brand needs a concept, a target we can reach it with creative and palpable methods make you able to improve your product so you can make a use of it with the highest competitive level and confidently.

studio rent

Our company's studios located at many different places in Cairo and Giza , and they're distinguished for our high efficiency that helps you to create an astonishing show.

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About the company

MakeSense Production is a company that produces a lot of services like video production and marketing, studios renting and creating the content services.

The company has taken a place officially in October 2018 by a group of people that dedicated and spent many years for media, drama and marketing work.

The company targets many categories, like businessmen and CEO’s that they look for a marvelous creator for the marketing tools that will be used, Also video production is one of the most important elements in the meantime.

therefore the company provides many tools that serve all the ideas and tastes, and many bundles that suit many budgets, and all of these bundles are able to create a very well content that gains the customer’s trust and admiration.

Our Team

Mohamed Taher


A script writer and TV reporter who worked in many TV channels as CBC, Rotana, MBC, TEN TV, and Dream channel as a producer ,TV show editor and reporter, also have directed many short and documentary movies, that made him win many awards from several movie festivals..

Karim Abdallah


A video editor and colorist who worked at many TV channels like Sada El Balad, Ten TV, Dream, CBC and On TV, also edited many commercials and video clips for singers such as Hamada Helal, Shaza, Eisaf and Rana Samaha

Tarek El-Demery


Worked as a assistant director in many projects like : El-ab El-ro7y, El-Halal and Awlad El-7ag Noaman, as he directed commercials for many famous companies as well, and also created video clips for many singing artists.

Ehab Al-Semeen


A video editor, colorist and VFX designer who worked at many TV channels like Ten TV, DMC and CBC، also edited many commercials and series such as Al- Kabret Al-Ahmar , Aber Sabeel and Qast Al-Oshak

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5 Mohandessin Towers ,Maadi Cornish ,Cairo​